Our Products

The FRacture ANalysis Code 3D (FRANC3D) program is designed to simulate 3D crack growth in engineering structures where the component geometry, local loading conditions, and the evolutionary crack geometry can be arbitrarily complex. It is designed to be used as a companion to general purpose Finite Element (FE) solvers.

VCollab is a data reduction and common visualization platform for most major CAD/CAE/CFD data files for technical and non-technical users. It uses a proprietary CAX efficient graphics file format that significantly compresses the visual file size. VCollab can be used as a unified documentation tool that combines different sources of CAD, CAE, and CAM information into one product-centric visual file that can be embedded into Microsoft Office tools such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel as well as Web pages. VCollab enables users to view CAE/CAD data using their desktop/laptop without the native applications.

Vanderplaats R&D products provide solutions for multidisciplinary (MDO) and structural analysis optimization and consists of DOT – Design Optimization Tools, BIGDOT – Large Scale Optimization Software Library, VisualDOC, SMS Fast Eigen Solver, GENESIS, Design Studio for Genesis, GTAM – Topology for ANSYS, GSAM – Structural Optimization for ANSYS, and ESLDYNA – Structural Optimization for LS-DYNA.