FRANC3D V7.5.3

FRANC3D V7.5.3 was released on Feb 5, 2021 with the following features/enhancements:

· Improved new crack growth surfaces for cracks that twist and kink significantly.

· Added option to run checks on input FE mesh data when importing.

· Added option to display crack surface geometry to crack growth dialogs.

· Modified crack face traction (CFT) to allow user to add CFT to an existing load step and added options for setting temperature and thermal expansion properties for CFT in a new load step

· Added option to save .crk file during crack front merging

· Added the do_epj flag to the ComputeSifs command or session log to compute elasto-plastic J

· Added the WriteEPJ to PyF3D module to save the elasto-plastic J values.

· Added preliminary capability for ANSYS static + modal combined analyses

· Added check for ANSYS uncracked doubled meshes.

· Added support for ANSYS transient analyses

· Improved the mapping of ANSYS nodal rotations for midside nodes when upgrading linear to quadratic elements

· Added preliminary capabilities for computing elasto-plastic J-integral from ABAQUS results

· Process ABAQUS *equation data when formatted as multiple equations under single *equation heading.

· Updates for NX NASTRAN – in particular for contact and crack face contact.

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