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The FRacture ANalysis Code 3D (FRANC3D) program is designed to simulate 3D crack growth in engineering structures where the component geometry, local loading conditions, and the evolutionary crack geometry can be arbitrarily complex.



VCollab is a common data reduction and visualization platform for most major CAD/CAM/CAE data files for technical and non-technical users.


Vanderplaats R&D

The Vanderplaats R&D family of products provides solutions for multidisciplinary (MDO) and structural analysis optimization and consists of DOT - Design Optimization Tools, BIGDOT – Large Scale Optimization Software Library, VisualDOC, SMS Fast Eigen Solver, GENESIS, Design Studio for Genesis, GTAM – Topology for ANSYS, GSAM – Structural Optimization for ANSYS, and ESLDYNA– Structural Optimization for LS-DYNA.


Our Services

Process Optimization provides simulation users with CAE simulation software products, process automation tools and engineering services to help them minimize their engineering processes, and reduce their operating cost.


Process Optimization provides simulation users with CAE services to help them evaluate and/or get up to speed with various simulation technologies.


Process Optimization provides consulting services to software companies for their business development process and ensuring their processes is customer-focused.


Process Optimization provides consulting services to software companies for Sales and Marketing activities related to the transportation industries.

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FRANC3D V7.5.3

FRANC3D V7.5.3 was released on Feb 5, 2021 with the following features/enhancements:

· Improved new crack growth surfaces for cracks that twist and kink significantly.

· Added option to run checks on input FE mesh data when importing.

· Added option to display crack surface geometry to crack growth dialogs.

· Modified crack face traction (CFT) to allow user to add CFT to an existing load step and added options for setting temperature and thermal expansion properties for CFT in a new load step

· Added option to save .crk file during crack front merging

· Added the do_epj flag to the ComputeSifs command or session log to compute elasto-plastic J

· Added the WriteEPJ to PyF3D module to save the elasto-plastic J values.

· Added preliminary capability for ANSYS static + modal combined analyses

· Added check for ANSYS uncracked doubled meshes.

· Added support for ANSYS transient analyses

· Improved the mapping of ANSYS nodal rotations for midside nodes when upgrading linear to quadratic elements

· Added preliminary capabilities for computing elasto-plastic J-integral from ABAQUS results

· Process ABAQUS *equation data when formatted as multiple equations under single *equation heading.

· Updates for NX NASTRAN – in particular for contact and crack face contact.