The FRacture ANalysis Code 3D (FRANC3D) program is designed to simulate 3D crack growth in engineering structures where the component geometry, local loading conditions, and the evolutionary crack geometry can be arbitrarily complex.

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FRANC3D V7.1 was released on Dec 1, 2017 with the following features/enhancements:

  • Added Display menu, which includes View Response and Create Animation. View Response was moved from the Advanced menu. Create Animation was developed starting from the stand-alone Growth Sequence program, which is no longer distributed.
  • A Capture button was added to the main Window to provide .png or .jpg images of the current model.
  • Fatigue crack growth dialogs have been revised to allow time or cycle or combined time+cycle dependent crack growth. Multiple load steps and load substeps are supported.
  • View/Edit Growth Parameters button was added to the Fatigue menu to allow a user to edit the fatigue growth model parameters.
  • User-defined Python functions for crack growth are now supported. A Read User Extensions menu button was added to the Advanced menu.
  • The VCCT (virtual crack closure technique) was added for computing SIFs. This is intended primarily for bi-material interface cracks, which will be supported in the next release (Ver 7.2). VCCT works for isotropic and anisotropic materials.
  • Displacement Correlation SIFs for orthotropic materials is now supported.
  • A Large Rotations check box was added for the M-integral SIFs for analyses with large rigid body motions, such as rotating gears.
  • The Fretting module interface was modified to support multiple load step analyses.
  • Documentation and tutorial example files have been updated.

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